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Gospower Oil Purifier

Create Time:2018-01-05    Author: Shenzhen Gospell Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product Working Principle

Double staggered rotary sieve are adopted to Gospower's oil purifier,  there can be forming two-stage shield when high- speed rotating, it can intercept a large quantity of fume particles and the hot wind may pass through freely. By the effect of centrifugal force that rotary sieve's high- speed rotation, the fume particles intercepted have been thrown into the guide plate, then flow into the oil storage box, the saparation of oil and gas finally is completed. The purified gas meets discharge standards and the waste oil  can be recycled. 

Purifying Schematic Diagram


Product Features

High efficiency deoiling: oil fume purification rate>98%;

Low upkeep cost: durable material;

Strong air exhaust capacity: pipe exhaust without oil fume, long service life;

Energy saving: low wind resistance, small motor load, save energy more than 40%;

Reliability: full mechanical purification, eliminate oil dirt and fire risk;

Sources Recycling: waste oil recycled for industrial raw meterial, avoid secondary pollution. (recycling rate 10%) 

Specifications and Models