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Environmental System Solution

Gospower Electrodeless UV Equipment

Create Time:2018-01-05    Author: Shenzhen Gospell Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.

Product Working Principle

Gospower's electrodeless UV equipment uses microwave to excite electrodeless ultraviolet lamp, producing multiband high-intensity ultraviolet rays, ultraviolet photolysis technology is adopted to decompose organic waste gas. Compared to traditional electrode ultraviolet lamp, our product may fully decompose fume odorant molecule and absorb peculiar smell by the combined action of microwave, ultraviolet, ozone, hydroxyl radical. Meanwhile, this product can adjust equipment power and control ozone concentration to ensure that ozone emission concentration match the relevant national standards by remote online control. 

Purifying Schematic Diagram

Product Features

Strong Deodorization: deodorization efficiency>95%, solve the choking problem of oil fumes;
Simple Structure: modularized product design, convenient usage and maintenance;

Ozone Adjustment: digital control adjustment, ozone emission concentration match the standards;

Reliability: wind pipe deodorization, there is no risk of UV leakage, and no risk of fire;

Long Durability: electrodeless ultraviolet lamp, electrodeless ageing problem, service life>20000h, when the using time reaches 20000h, the lamp luminance decrease is only 3%.   

Specifications and Models